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to access eBooks, audiobooks, research databases, and more.


Students, your username is your ID number with the leading 0. The password is dvisd.

Teachers, your login is your active directory username. Password is dvisd.  If that doesn’t work, try your first initial and last name as both username and password. 

Email Dr. Charles at if you have trouble logging in.


What’s a database?

A database is simply an electronic collection of information.

Library databases provide information to help students conduct research such as academic journals, eBooks, newspaper and magazine articles, online encyclopedias, videos, and images.

Why use them?

They’re designed specifically for students, they contain highly credible sources, and they’re incredibly easy to cite. Many allow you to highlight and annotate an article online and save it to your Google drive.

Your librarian is happy to help if you need any assistance.
Email Dr. Charles at

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